Austin, Texas begs its residents to Keep Austin Weird and that’s OK with us. We’re all for a little weirdness … in fact, what some folks may find really weird about Austin and Travis County is that there are thousands of conservatives here in the bluest, and most liberal, county in the Lone Star State.

We’re all about the live and let live philosophy as long as it doesn’t interfere with our rights. But we’re just a little bit tired of conservatives getting pushed aside because a lot of local left wingers would just as soon forget that there is a growing group of conservatives near the state’s capital

Now the truth is that Travis County conservatives are a mixed bag. Almost all of us are strong fiscal conservatives who believe in smaller government, cutting taxes, personal accountability and transparency in government – whether it’s on the local, state or federal level.

When it comes to social issues, we may have a few differences but most of us are pretty much aligned with the conservative mainstream – even though we don’t want government in our bedroom any more than we want it in our pocketbook.

That’s what we mean by live and let live.

The problem is that the government doesn’t agree with that philosophy. They want to get into all of our business and we’re pretty darn mad that it keeps happening.

  • The EPA – that’s the Environmental Protection Agency for you first timers – is waging war on Texas and our energy industry.
  • Uncle Sam is padding his pocketbook and taking a whole bunch of our money to give to countries who really just don’t like us. It’s kind of like bribery without the chance you’re going to get thrown in jail.
  • In city government, taxpayer money is going to pay for abortions and other such things that most of us find repugnant and just downright immoral.
  • At the state, we may have a balanced budget, but we keep getting stuck with more and more unnecessary social programs that help keep people on welfare and off the payroll, where they could really help grow our economy.
  • Our judicial system keeps legislating from the bench, and businesses still face frivolous lawsuits that hurt the overall climate for creating jobs.

Despite all that, conservatives know we still live in the best country, the best state … and believe it or not, one of the best counties in the world.

We think Travis County Conservatives can make it even better. And that’s what this website is all about … news and information to call conservatives to action and to help them make the right decisions on issues, political candidates and other things that might be of interest.

We’re a nonpartisan website, but we also are smart enough to know that especially in Travis County there just aren’t a whole lot of conservative Democrats left … but we sure would like to find them.  Since this is the county that likes to protect  endangered species – finding conservative Democrats should make the liberals very happy with our discovery.

In the meantime, enjoy this website. Feel free to join up and comment on our blogs, and send us your events and ideas to info@traviscountyconservatives.com.. We’re anxious to hear from you because Travis County conservatives have been silent for way too long.